The 2018 Personal Equipment, Aircrew Life Support, Survival Equipment, and Aircrew Flight Equipment Reunion

Where are we going in 2018?  The Imperial Place (IP) Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi will be home for our next reunion and the dates are 10 – 13 September.  This will be our second reunion at the IP.  We hope to see you there.










The USAF PE/SE/ALS/AFE Reunion 10 - 13 September, 2018









Past Reunions




Notice to Bidders for the USAF Aircrew Life Support/Aircrew Flight Equipment (ALS-AFE) Reunion Sites

The ALS-AFE Veterans and Retirees Group welcomes proposals for future reunion sites from city convention centers/bureaus, individual hotels and from our members.

To submit your proposal, download and complete our reunion worksheet and email it to: NLT two weeks before our scheduled 2019 reunion scheduled for16 September,  Your proposal (worksheet) will be reviewed by our reunion attendees for consideration for the next two reunions.

Here is some basic info on our reunions to better identify hotel properties best suited for our needs:

• Our reunions are held in late summer in either mid to late September or early October.
• Our Reunions run from Monday-Thursday.

We start on Monday with afternoon registration of attendees followed by the opening of our hospitality room at 6 PM or earlier.
Tuesday from 8 am until around 3 pm is our opening ceremony with all attendees in attendance gathered in a meeting room. Tuesday at 5 pm we open our hospitality room.

Wednesday at noon we open the hospitality room.

Thursday evening at 5:30 pm we open the dining area for our cash bar. At 6 pm we start our farewell banquet until 8 or 9 pm.
• Attendance over the last two years has been between 40-100 people.
• The number of lodging rooms we would need would be around 20-40 or so. An abundance of ADA accessible rooms is a plus, along with elevator service. Additional lodging a day prior and 1 day after the event at the same rate would be appreciated for those wishing to visit the area prior to or after our Reunion.

• If we can get free breakfast or work out some kind of breakfast deal, this would be greatly appreciated by our members.
• Free Wi-Fi in our meeting rooms and all guest rooms is a must.

• We try to avoid downtown/congested areas, if at all possible. Local restaurants and attractions that are easily accessible or within walking distance of the hotel are also preferred.

• We typically have a suite that we designate as our “hospitality room” – this is for members to congregate and visit amongst themselves. It would be preferred to have the same room each day/night for Monday evening – Wednesday night. In the hospitality room, we would like to be able to bring in our own snacks and beverages (soft drinks, water, beer, and wine) for our members.

• In summary, the hotel should be able to offer at a minimum:

Hospitality room, Mon evening thru Wed evening – seating max at one time of 30-50 people, where we can bring in our own food and beverages.

20+ lodging rooms, including handicapped/ADA rooms.

Buffet (or plated) dinner, Thursday evening – for approximately 23 – 40 people, with cash bar.

Meeting room, Tuesday morning – including podium, microphone, and AV equipment.

Please submit your proposals by email or mail to:
Bob McElwain
12320 Roadrunner Ln
Victorville, CA 92392


Click on the link below to access the worksheet.