The USAF PE/SE/ALS/AFE Reunion 16-19 September, 2019 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV








With the close of the Farewell Banquet we also closed the book on the 23rd Annual USAF Personal Equipment, Aircrew Life Support, Survival Equipment, and Aircrew Flight Equipment (PE/ALS/SE/AFE) Reunion.

Unfortunately, the annual golf tournament had to be cancelled because the golf course was inundated with water, so all had some extra time to relax, sightsee or simply take advantage of the great weather by strolling the local area.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Reunion Planning Committee, we offer our sincerest appreciation and thanks to the men and women of Kessler’s 403rd Wing, 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, the Air Force Reserve Command’s Aircrew Flight Equipment Operations, the Biloxi High Air Force Junior ROTC, Keesler’s Outdoor Recreation Services, the Air Force Retirement Home, and our guest speakers and presenters.  We also thank our sustaining individual and industry sponsors for their continued outstanding support of our annual reunions…. your support makes a huge difference!  We also thank the staff and employees of the Imperial Palace Resort Casino for their support and responsiveness to our attendees and activities.

As you can imagine, it takes many hands to plan, organize, and execute our annual reunions.  We say, “Thank You!” to our Reunion Committee members for the truly hard work that went into this year’s reunion and activities.

Where are we going in 2019? The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be the site for our 24th Annual USAF PE/ALS/SE/AFE Reunion.  The dates for the 2019 reunion are 16-19 September.  Additional information will be made available as we move forward in planning of next year’s reunion.

All of you have heard me say several times, “Well, you get rid of me next year as your Group President.” However, I want each of you to know how blessed and honored I am to have served as your Group President this last year and to be associated with such a great and wonderful group of “family” members!

In the interim, look at this year’s reunion photos on this website of the activities and attendees and see what you missed this year.  We’ll hopefully see you in photos that will be taken next year in Las Vegas!

John Patti

John Patti, President

USAF PE/ALS/AFE Veterans and Retirees Group













Notice to Bidders for Our Reunion

Click on the link above to learn more about our reunion.  If interested in hosting one of our reunions at your hotel please make sure you have completed a copy of the worksheet below then email it to NLT August 1, 2019.  All proposals will be presented to the September 2019 reunion attendees for selection of a reunion location in 2020 and 2021. The selected  locations will be announced shortly after our 2019 reunion.



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