An Appreciative User of Our Equipment and Training



Good Morning,

Many moons ago, I flew F-4s out of Udorn, Thailand. Got shot at daily and one day I had the glorious opportunity to use your services.

I was a youngster during my tour and failed failed failed to appreciate the team necessary in getting me home. I interfaced daily with the equipment specialists in the squadron before every flight and really neglected to thank the guys who helped save my life.

If your guys can accept a belated THANKS! I owe them my life.

I don’t know how often you get to interface with aircrews now, but my mission story is a goodie. I’d be ecstatic to make a presentation at the reunion if you want. At the very minimum, please share this thank you with the guys.

Dan Petkunas

Lt Col, USAF (ret)

Los Angeles

222.5 combat missions

13TFS, Udorn, 1972