The Annual USAF Aircrew Life Support/Aircrew Flight Equipment Reunion


Our 26th annual reunion is now history and I’m sad to say the turnout was disappointing.  Very few if any, folks from the East Coast attended our reunion.  There will be more about this in our next newsletter. Until then, visit our sponsor page and thank all the contributors for making this year’s reunion possible.  Photos from the reunion will be posted as soon as I get them all.


Notice to Bidders for Our Reunions

Click the above link to learn more about our reunion.  If interested in hosting one of our reunions in 2025, download the worksheet below, fill it out and make sure you have listed the years 2026 and 2027 on your proposals.  Email the worksheet to [email protected] NLT 31 August 2025.  All proposals will be presented to the September 2025 reunion attendees for the selection of our reunion location in 2026 and 2027.  The selected locations will be announced shortly after our next reunion.





As you consider attending one of our reunions, if you’re the type that would worry about something happening during your trip then think about the peace of mind you could have with travel insurance.  The person in this article did and something did happen.  Click on the link above to find out what happened to this traveler.

Past Reunions