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The 2023 USAF Aircrew Life Support / Aircrew Flight Equipment Sponsors

We want to thank the following for their generous sponsorship of our 26th Annual Career Field Reunion:


Aviation Artifacts, Inc.

Core Survival, Inc.

Electrovest Inflators


Gale Bradish

Larry Cuffee

Andy Graves

Joe Lynch

Bill Lynn

John Messina

John Patti

Tommy Tompkins

Houston Langston


Clive Anderson                               Theodore Angel                             Andrew Baker

Steve Bromley                                Dave Chitwood                              Alan Cricks

Tracy Donahoo                               Jaen Fontenot                                 John Fredrickson

Chuck Hunnefeld                           Bob Jungers                                     Bob Lee

Donald Lee                                      Tami Lepird                                     Sam Levin

Michael Majestic                           Tommy Marshall                           Bob McElwain

David Nelson                                   Jonathan Redfern                          Rex Robinet

Shane Sandlin                                 Anita Shields                                   Walt Thompson

David Whitley                                 Steve Wyatt

  Thank you, to the corporations, and the individuals, who have supported us in the past, and hopefully you will continue to in the future.  

Be a Sponsor of Our Annual Reunions

Our website and annual reunions would not be possible without the generous supporters of our donors. You can help us by clicking on the button below and donating whatever you can.


An Alternate Way to Donate is to use Cash App

To use Cash App you’ll have to download it on your iOS or Android device.  Link it to a debit card and allow it to access your bank account.   Once done you can enter the amount you’re donating and select me from your contact list.  If I’m not in your contact list add the following: [email protected]

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you authorize the app to debit the funds from your account and transfer them to me.
The best part about the service is it’s completely free.

Again, to donate:
1. Open the Cash App
2. Enter the amount
3. Tap Pay
4. Enter my email address [email protected]
5. Enter what the payment is for
6. Tap Pay

Be exceedingly cautious when typing in recipient information. One wrong number or letter, and you won’t get that money back unless you happen to send it to someone ethical enough to return it.








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  1. CMSgt (Ret) Stephen Wyatt

    Our website and annual reunions would not be possible without the generous support of you! Just think about that statement. Thank you, kind donors, for your generosity! Make plans now to gather in Las Vegas in 2024. You’ll be so glad you did! V/R, Steve Wyatt


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