Sound off: Best Bases and Life Support/Aircrew Flight Equipment Jobs In The Air Force?

Sound off below and somewhere down the line I will list the answers in a future newsletter for the folks who are not online to see.   Who knows, the answers might help someone on active duty decide what they might put on their Dream Sheet (if such a thing still exist). Feel free to say what makes you feel this way. Does the base offer plenty of solid amenities? Are the schools in the area lacking? Is the area clean, and the climate nice? Does the cost-of-living make it tough to stretch a buck? Was the job you were doing enjoyable and fulfilling?


  1. Bob Wiley

    Hi Bob—I’d love to reply–but–being an “old timer” life support guy, all the bases where I was stationed have closed! Duluth IAP, Takhli, Thailand, K.I.Sawyer RAF Bentwaters RAF Woodbridge I will be awaiting to see the replies!! THANKS for doing this!! Bob

  2. Truman Pittman

    When were you at Whellus? I was station there from 1968 to Jun 1969…There were women there however, the price was too high for the airman lol….My best assignment was in Hamilton AFB, Calif…worst assignment Wheelus AB… But not all of it!!!!!!!

  3. Jan Blackburn

    My best was RAF Upper Heyford, UK. There was no chem gear and at the time no need for a visa, just needed your military ID card to travel most places in Europe. Good times before terrorizing became common.

  4. lee koester

    My best AFB was Kirtland AFB, 150th Fighter Wing New Mexico ANG flying A7 Corsairs and later F16 Falcons

  5. Brad Fielding

    My best was Torrejon, AFB, Spain, spent about 15 years there active duty, and then another 15 in Civil Service, then retired in Spain. Also Kelly AFB, Texas, the 19th LSS, was a very good assignment. Then Hickam, could have been a good assignment, but the people, that I worked with! well I better not say anything about them, As they say” if you can’t say anything don’t say anything! But the younger troops in the base shop were great.good workers and smart!

  6. Jerry L Wyland

    Best were in order Ubon Thailand 433rdTFS Takhli Thailand 354 TFS Langley AFB 48 FIS

  7. Frank Nollette

    Before I x-trained to Disaster Control. My 922x0A/B great assignments were 349TCW at Hamilton; 303rd Air Rescue at Long Beach Municipal Apt CA, then to March AFB (not ARB); 67th Air Rescue @ Prestwick; almost 5 yrs @ Nellis; a yr @ U Tapao, then 2 yrs at Taipei Air Station. Final assignment was SR71 PSD at Beale where I became a 24270 Disaster Ctl toad. Only Nellis and Beale are still open! Everyone of these had pluses/minuses, primarily due to my co-workers. Professionally, Nellis, U Tapao and Taipei were the best.

  8. Bob McElwain

    The base I enjoyed the most was Langley AFB, VA. Close to major east coast cities, mild winters, great schools on and off base and some of the best fishing anywhere. The best job I ever had was also on Langley and that was at TAC HQ.

    I didn’t ask for the worst base, but since so many others have included theirs, I thought I’d include mine as well. Grand Forks AFB was the pits! The weather in that part of the country was so bad that we used to say, the snow you see today is the same snow you’ll see in May. It was cold miserable weather most of the year and no social life off base except for the time spent in Winnipeg, Canada. I had never experience minus degree weather until I lived in North Dakota. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

    • Cliff

      LOL!!!! I retired from Grand Forks; I know what you mean. Infact, in the winter, we used to send as many of the Tankers to Alaska as we could, just so that they could thaw out. It was always at least 30 degrees warmer up there. I remember when the Marines want to do cold weather testing for the Osprey, they sent them to GFAFB in January. North Dakota must have frozen what little brain matter I have left, because I not only stayed here, but moved 25 miles North of Devils Lake.


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