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Useful information for military members and veterans interested in buying a house: Resources for Military and Veteran Home Buyers guide from Agent Advice. This guide is designed for agents but the information provided is also fantastic for veterans and military members looking to buy a house. This includes resources for discounts, information on VA loans, and disability housing grants. These are just a few of the resources that would help make this guide a fantastic educational resource.

College Guide for Veterans and Servicemembers: This guide is 100% free and covers the benefits of college, tuition assistance for members of the different military branches, scholarship databases, and tips for college success making it a great informational resource to veterans and military members.

Welcome to Real War Photos:  Real War Photos is a vet-owned & operated small business supplying quality photos from all branches of service in all world wars and many conflicts from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Ultimate Guide to Veteran’s Benefits: A variety of benefits for Vets.

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