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College Guide for Veterans and Servicemembers: This guide is 100% free and covers the benefits of college, tuition assistance for members of the different military branches, scholarship databases, and tips for college success making it a great informational resource to veterans and military members.

Welcome to Real War Photos:  Real War Photos is a vet-owned & operated small business supplying quality photos from all branches of service in all world wars and many conflicts from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Ultimate Guide to Veteran’s Benefits: A variety of benefits for Vets.

Veterans and Addiction: Treatment plans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to support veterans as they recover from substance use disorders.

Raising Awareness for Veteran Organizations: Support for small, non-profit Veteran organizations to spread their cause with free custom wristbands.

Air Force Veterans and Asbestos: This site’s goal is to raise awareness of Mesothelioma cancer, while supporting Veterans and their families. It provides accurate information about treatment options, and resources to help patients understand their prognosis and improve life expectancy, all for free.

Mesothelioma Cancer Guide: A guide for mesothelioma patients and their loved ones with answers, information, and healthcare solutions.

The Retirement Living Information Center provides a convenient, easy-to-use resource assigned to assist you in planning and making decisions about your retirement.

The SAFE Association: An international organization dedicated to ensuring personal safety and protection in land, sea, air, and space environments.

Tour of the Ho Chi Minh trail and Beyond:  Lots of photos in post war Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

The Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia (TLC) Brotherhood

Legacies of Vietnam: Lots of interesting info on Nam.

Missing Americans Website: The Defense Department’s mission to account for missing Americans.

Ejections A chronicle of all known ejections worldwide

Yahoo! Groups Life Support Web Site A Yahoo ID is required for access to this site maintained by Diane Culpepper. Group messages can be posted and read by e-mail or on the Group homepage, like a web forum. Members can choose whether to receive individual e-mails or daily digest e-mails, or to read the posts at the web site. Groups service provides additional functions on the web site, such as voting and calendar systems and file uploading.

Closed USAF Installations. A list of Air Force installations in the United States and elsewhere that were closed or redesignated between 1948–when the Air Force Base (AFB) designation first came into use–and August 1, 2001.

Flight Equipment for Sale: American aviation flight gear, clothing, and equipment to museums, the movie and film industry, and collectors worldwide.

Air Force AMMO  This website is primarily about helping former troops from Bitburg AB find one another regardless of AFSC.

Air Force Writer A source for Air Force EPR, Award, and Writing Examples!  A reference site for Air Force paperwork issues, mostly supporting active-duty personnel.

Basic Military Training Flight Photos A collection of photos of AF basic training flights from the service’s inception in 1947 to the present.

The Air Force Retiree Services: News for retired and active duty personnel

Military Handbooks: Free Military Handbooks for active and retired US Military personnel National Archives and Records Administration.

New TRICARE Website Easier to Use: On July 24, 2014 unveiled a new design to give TRICARE’s 9.6 million beneficiaries clear and easy access to benefit information. Users now have more ways to browse the site with easier navigation, a login button for quicker access to partner’s secure services, and a section on the homepage dedicated to life-changing events.  They’ve also streamlined and reorganized content.

National Personnel Records Center  Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may use this online site to request copies of their military files. – “The address for everything military on the Net”

G.I. MEMORIES — Veterans’ Information Interchange

GIsearch — America’s Most Comprehensive Military Search Locate lost friends and family, keep in touch with fellow service members, research the history and valor of past generations, and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Unofficial Air Force E-mail Locator – “USAF-Locator is the leading Communications Guide enabling people worldwide to find, and connect each other by providing directories of email addresses of Past, Present, and Retired USAF Members. Find your friends, locate a friend from the past, post yourself, organize a reunion. Stay in touch! Now with searchable database!”

Veterans Service Records: Request Your Military Service Records Online, by Mail, or by Fax



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