Reunion Committee

Committee Members


Reunion Committee Chairman                                     Bob McElwain

Reunion Committee Co-Chairman                               Kemper Kinchen

Advertising Committee Chairman                                  Andy Graves

Entertainment Committee Chairman                             Bob McElwain

Picnic Committee Chairman                                          Larry Cuffee

Picnic Committee                                                           Kemper Kinchen

Picnic Committee                                                          Roland Martinez

Golf Tournament Committee Chairman                        Dave Chitwood

Golf Tournament Committee                                        Ed MacKenzie

Pinochle Tournament Chairman                                    Bob McElwain

Transportation Committee                                             John Patti

Welcome Committee Chairman                                    Joan Sheppard

Welcome Committee                                                     Ellen Abraham

Photographer                                                                 Frank O’Loughlin


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  1. Simmons Ennis

    Our LS shop formerly at Wurtsmith AFB, MI are trying to get organized and wish to reunite after so many years. It is difficult to organize an event when everyone has splinted to all parts of the world. I have suggested to piggy back on your organization and have a ALS reunion when and where yours is being held.
    Could you provide any information on your next reunion.
    Thank you.


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