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While not a commercial website, we do promote career field-related products that we believe may be of interest to our members. Below is a list of products that you can order from us or as indicated. The sale of the items that we have helps support our annual reunions and this website.

To place an order for items that we have, email me at [email protected]  and tell me what you want and how many along with a shipping address. I will check with the post office and email you back with the shipping and handling cost.

Although featured here, we do not have the AFE coin, the Chanute Parachute/Fab Coin, or the older Aircrew Flight Equipment Coin.  Those items must be ordered as indicated in their description.


The New AFE Coin


The current AFE coin. If interested, the price is $15 (including shipping). If paying with check, please make payable to “AFE MORALE COUNCIL”. You can order from the address below or email TSgt Levi Schafer at [email protected] TSgt Schafer can be contacted by phone at the numbers below.

DSN: 736-9612

COMM: 940-676-9612


The Chanute Parachute/Fab Coin


This coin (both sides depicted) is available for $13 each plus $6.65 for S&H.  That gives you up to $50 in insurance, a tracking number, and 2-3 day shipping.

Coins can be ordered by contacting Jamie Thomas at [email protected]


USAF Life Support System Patch

 LS Sys Patch

You’ve been looking for it!  You’ve been asking for it, but just couldn’t find it – until now!

The only Life Support System Patch (LSS) available for sale on the internet has the faded, washed-out powder blue and pale yellow colors- not the original, crisp, brightly colored LSS Patch that some of us once wore proudly.

Finally, a 4″ high-quality, embroidered Life Support System Patch with the true original colors is now available.

USAF LSS Patch … $5.50 each (plus shipping)


USAF Aircrew Life Support Equipment Patch



The first Aircrew Life Support patch was designed (with the life raft on the right-hand side) and worn during the Vietnam era. I had that patch cleaned up back in the early ’90s and moved the life raft to the left side and changed the color to black (to reflect the color of the currently used subdued life rafts) as explained in the History section of this website. This 3.25-inch patch is the one used throughout the life support community before the merger.

USAF ALS Patch … $5 each (plus shipping)


USAF Aircrew Flight Equipment Patch


Flight Equipment


Finally, Aircrew Life Support merges with Survival Equipment, and a new name and patch are born. The new Aircrew Flight Equipment patch is 3.25″.

USAF AFE Patch…$5 each (plus shipping)


USAF ALS and AFE Lapel Pins

ALS Pin           AFE Pin



Here they are, the Life Support and Flight Equipment lapel pins! Show your profession or affiliation with the career field by owning one or both of these pins. They look great and will be an important part of our identity.

Order a few for your troops to boost morale, build motivation and pride, or recognize years of service, levels of achievement, or for a specific project.

Use to build motivation and pride.

For competitions, events, or contests, awarding or recognizing individuals for their efforts with one of our lapel pins makes the occasion much more special & memorable.

Order one as a collectible. People start out with one pin and in a lot of cases, start collecting or trading pins. Pin trading has become a global hobby, enjoyed by many people all over the world.

USAF ALS and AFE Lapel Pins…$5 each (plus shipping)


50th Anniversary Life Support Commemorative Challenge Coin

 50th Anniv Coin

The image above is a coin I had made in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our career field. In 2003/4 almost every life supporter owned one of these coins. Due to recent requests, the ALS/AFE Veterans and Retirees Group purchased 100 more of these coins and will sell them at a price of $10 each. I can and will order additional coins if necessary to accommodate all who will want one.

One side of the coin includes the life support system patch with the new stripes and the various enlisted and life support officer AFSC’s that we had over the years. The reverse side shows the old patch with the old stripes. I included the LSO rank on the coin, but only 1st Lieutenant through “full bird” Colonel.

50th Anniversary Life Support Challenge Coin … $10 each (plus shipping)



If you buy this coin you will be expected to comply with the rules below.

Challenge coin rules only apply to other individuals who also have a challenge coin. As the owner of a challenge coin, the coin represents your affiliation, support or patronage to the Aircrew Life Support /Flight Equipment career field. You may “challenge” any individual you know who has a coin. A challenge is made by withdrawing your own coin and raising it in the air or by tapping it on a bar or table. When you challenge someone, they are required to produce their coin within 60 seconds. If the individual produces the coin, you are obligated to buy them a drink. If the individual fails to produce the coin, then he/she is obligated to buy you a drink. The same rule applies if someone challenges you! If you are in a club or bar, please drink responsibly and always appoint a designated driver. We want you to get home safe! The reward does NOT have to be an alcoholic beverage. It can be a soda or any other reward that the two individuals agree on. BE CAREFUL!!! Your challenge coin is a treasured and respected representation of the USAF Aircrew Life Support Career /Aircrew Flight Equipment Field! If you drop your coin and it hits the floor, you are obligated to buy drinks for anyone who hears or sees the coin hit the floor! Provided they have their coin on them of course!


USAF Aircrew Flight Equipment Coin

AFE Coin

We do not have the Aircrew Flight Equipment coin, however; they are available for $8 each plus shipping from:

TSgt Rocamontes at the schoolhouse: [email protected] 


A New Way to Pay For Your Order

For an alternate way to order and pay for items that we have on hand (remember, we do not have the new AFE coin, the Chanute Parachute/Fab Coin, or the older Aircrew Flight Equipment Coin), email me at [email protected] to place your order.  I will check with the post office and email you back with the shipping and handling cost.   At that time you can pay for your order via the new app called Cash App.

To use Cash App you’ll have to download it on your iOS or Android device.  Link it to a debit card and allow it to access your bank account.   Once done you can enter the amount for your order and select me from your contact list.  If I’m not in your contact list add the following: [email protected]

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you authorize the app to debit the funds from your account and transfer them to me.
The best part about the service is it’s completely free.

Again, to send payment:
1. Open the Cash App
2. Enter the amount
3. Tap Pay
4. Enter my email address [email protected]
5. Enter what the payment is for
6. Tap Pay

Be exceedingly cautious when typing in recipient information. One wrong number or letter, and you won’t get that money back unless you happen to send it to someone ethical enough to return it.

Stay tuned while we consider adding other items to our store.