Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Assistance Request

During this year’s annual reunion we had the privilege of having Mark Adams from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio brief us on the mission of the DPAA Wright-Patterson Laboratory and how we can assist with the identification of recovered life sciences equipment artifacts that will help with the overall DPAA mission towards resolving the fate of missing personnel from past conflicts.  If you are a veteran of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, or Cold War operations where aircrew members served in a combat capacity it is hoped that with your help DPAA can gain insight into squadron level procedures for equipping aircrew members with flight equipment ranging from flight helmets and oxygen masks to parachutes and survival equipment. This is a unique opportunity for DPAA to acquire information on flight, survival equipment, clothing and custom made related items that were issued for past conflicts.

With your help, Mark can create an informal database of veterans, industry partners, and others to discuss life sciences equipment and any anomalies that DPAA could potentially encounter in their studies based on valuable personal photographs, memorabilia, personal recollections, copies of contemporary technical data, and personal records that you may have.

If you think you can help please provide Mark with your name, contact information, units in which you served, the aircraft types you supported, tour dates, theater deployments (location), and any non-standard equipment items that were specific to the unit(s) (i.e. custom equipment), etc.

If you’ve got Korean War, Vietnam War, or Cold War operations “in-theater” experience submit your information to Mark at the following address: [email protected]



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  1. Paul Marsters, MSgt, USAF ret (ART) LSI

    Hello All, I had the privilege of being the LSI for JPAC mission 07-1VM RT-1, OCT-Dec 2006 with David Rankin, Moc Chau son la province, N. Vietnam. Id be more than happy to help out with this anyway I can, I also did 40 Days on Tarawa with David Rankin for the History Flight on going recovery of Marines. Oct-NOV 2016. feel free to contact me 413-530-2736, please text me first to let me know who you are.


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