Air Force Picks a Prototype for Its New Aircrew Helmet

June 27, 2022 | By Greg Hadley The Air Force has selected a prototype to develop as its new helmet for all fixed-wing aircrew, Air Combat Command announced June 25, picking LIFT Airborne Technologies’ design. The new helmet, which still has to undergo additional research and testing before the Air Force confirms the design and offers… Read More


  IMPORTANT!  Because of issues applying for membership to our website, we are eliminating the membership requirement to access everything on the website.  The protected pages will remain protected and will require visitors to the site to contact me if necessary for the password.  I can be contacted via my cell phone at 760-684-3790 or… Read More

The ALS/AFE 25th Annual Reunion Anniversary Coin

        The coin memorializes our 25th career field reunion and binds together the members of the USAF Aircrew Life Support/Aircrew Flight Equipment Retirees and Veterans Group.  You are encouraged to purchase one to be considered a member of our group.   It sells for $16 each plus a shipping fee of $5.00. The… Read More

For 1st Time in 3 Decades, Military Families and Retirees Are Getting Revamped IDs

From |Dated 24 Aug 2020  By Bing Xiao   The military is ditching flimsy laminated paper-based ID cards for military retirees and dependents for an all-new card system: The Next Generation Uniform Services Identification Card. According to a Defense Department announcement published Monday, the cards, which represent the first ID update for these military communities… Read More

Thank You Life Support/Flight Equipment from Mrs. Mary May and Family

Mrs. Mary May, widow of CMSgt (Ret) Roger May thanks the Life Support/Flight Equipment community for its kindness and sympathy regarding the death of their son John May back on 21 July 2020.  Mrs. May passes along the following comments: Your hope has sustained us.  Your friendship has surrounded us.  Your love has given us… Read More

Silver Anniversary Reunion Coin

As indicated in our 2019 December Newsletter, we are planning to create a limited-edition 25th Annual ALS/AFE Reunion Anniversary Coin and offer it at the September 2020 Reunion. We are looking for ideas or concepts of what you think this coin should look like, what it should “say” to the person holding it or presenting… Read More

News You Can Use: Scam Websites and Padlocks

Scam Websites Are Using That Green https Padlock to Fool You It may look legit, but keep your guard up anyway. by Laura Hautala November 27, 2018 1:50 PM PST Lang/CNET You may have heard you should look for the padlock symbol at the top of a website before entering your password or credit card… Read More