The 2016 AAFEP Warrior Family Student Grant Awardee

CONGRATULATIONS THOMAS JENKINS! AAFEP is delighted to announce that Thomas Jenkins’ application for the AAFEP Warrior Family Student Grant has been selected as the winning submission for 2016. We are grateful to Thomas for his prior service to our nation while serving in the Army and his continuing support to his spouse, MSgt (select) Melissa Jenkins; whom… Read More

TV Coverage of the Khobar Towers Terrorist Attack 20 Years Ago

Here is news coverage of the June 25, 1996 bombing of the eight-story Khobar Towers apartment complex that took the lives of 19 U.S. Air Force personnel in Saudi Arabia. More than 300 others were wounded in the attack and one of them was Aircrew Life Support MSgt (Ret) Andre Stanton. Click on the link below… Read More

Khobar Towers Terrorist Attack 20 Years Ago

A terrorist attack of Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on June 25, 1996, killed 19 Airmen and left more than 350 injured. Although he is not in this video, one of the injured was the Life Support troop Andre Stanton. Now 20 years later, three victims tell their stories and what they witnessed. I will… Read More

What was and is the worst air force base to be stationed at?

Minot? Grand Forks? Indian Springs? Others? Although I’ve only spent time on two of the bases listed above, I’ve heard horror stories about several others in the CONUS that I’m glad I never set foot on. Grand Forks was the pits back in the ‘60s, terrible blizzards and nothing to do after duty hours but play… Read More