What was and is the worst air force base to be stationed at?


Grand Forks?

Indian Springs?


Although I’ve only spent time on two of the bases listed above, I’ve heard horror stories about several others in the CONUS that I’m glad I never set foot on. Grand Forks was the pits back in the ‘60s, terrible blizzards and nothing to do after duty hours but play cards all night or get drunk in the barracks or NCO club. I went out to Indian Springs back in the early ’80s on a HQ TAC SAV and was blow away at how desolate the area was with little or no services/business in the area.

Where have you been that you thought you were being punished because you were sent there? Enter your comments below.




14 thoughts on “What was and is the worst air force base to be stationed at?

    1. Loring AFB 1969, Chill factor -60 with thunder and lightening.Stationed with Jim Lewellyn and Bobbie Biggs.

      1. I was stationed there from july 1968 to January 1970 security police law enforcement and air craft security.

        Very cold and you have to go to Canada to meet ladies.

  1. Columbus AFB Mississippi was pretty bad. The services on base not very good, the town of Columbus pretty small and a long way from everything!


  2. Glasgow AFB MT I was there from 64 to 66 in the 13FIS we had really bad ground blizzards in the winter it was about 25 miles to town which didn’t amount to much you where stuck in NE Montana

    1. (Lt. Edgar)…assigned with 13th Fighter Interceptor Squadron flying F-101 Voodoo(s) and T-33 (T-Bird)… 1962 -1964. The Best of the Best!
      The town folks were extremely nice and supportive with their Military personnel.
      The area was totally open and free for flying …almost like a “time-shift” as if flying in the wild-west of “cow-boy” days!

  3. Well for me it was Minot! I was a young SSgt, with 7 years 6 mo.in the USAF, was NCOIC of the shop passed my first ORI, in a new SAC Bomb Wing, had a Son born on the first day of the ORI that was great! Then I had a line number for TSgt. And was red lined and they gave the stripe to a “Boom Operator” also a A1C Richard York, had A line number for SSgt and was red lined also! ( He retired as a Capt.) I went and talked to the Commander, and told him I was going to call or write to my Congressmen, he said “Son you don’t call or write him” you will make it next promotion list! Yes 9 years and 9 months later I made TSgt. For me that is why Minot is worst base! Not only that but there was nothing much to do after duty Hrs. I gave the troops days off and they wanted to work, said they had nothing to do! Also my wife had long black hair and was a little dark from being outside and was shopping one day and a young man did not want to help her, thinking she was a “Native American” I walked in and said in Spanish are you having problems? And that changed things, he was a Son of a Lt. Col. On Base. But anyway that is life in the USAF, other then that I enjoyed all the other Bases that I was station at. And worked with some great people, oh yes also has a few not that great! I think they know who they are without naming anyone!

  4. Well after being stationed at Loring most that were there would expect it to be on your list of bad places to have been stationed. We survived it though.

  5. Stationed at Grand Forks twice. Coldest place I’ve lived but it seemed like everyone stuck together since it was 14 miles to the city. Learned to trap and duck/goose hunt and what an engine block heater was for!

  6. I was at Glasgow AFB 1960-61 it wasn’t the best place to be. Had to go to wolf point mt to have a party and it was not much better but I survived

  7. Why not Minot? “Freezin’s the reason”! Hate to say this, but Grand Forks is, by far, colder than Minot, on average. In fact, just a little trivia, when the Marines needed to do the “Cold Weather” testing on the, then new Osprea they couldn’t afford to go to Alaska. So they came to Grand Forks. In fact, during the winter, just to get 25% of the 52 Tankers to warmer weather, we’d go to Alaska. It was on average about 20 to 30 degrees warmer. Of course after -20 or colder, it really doesn’t matter anymore. BUT! You can not beat ND for the hunting and fishing. If you’re into it. I’d have to say the only “worst base” is the one that’s being shelled or hit with SCUDs.

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