2 thoughts on “Chris Bush's Obituary

  1. Very sorry to hear of Chris’s passing, he was a good guy. I met him when he was a TSgt at Altus AFB, OK.

    1. It was my greatest pleasure to have known Chris. Especially when he was the NCOIC of the 94th TFS (Hat in the Ring Gang), Then MSgt Bush. I was the brand new NCOIC (SSGT) of the 27th TFS, when the 1st TFW got hit with a then no notice MEI. And me fresh from four years at McGuire. Anyhow, the both of us ended up with the EXACT same three paperwork errors. GO FIGURE! Anyhow, Chris moved up as the Super. For the Wing. And of course I stayed in the trenches.
      In time, I got to move up as his assistant, and MAN I learned so damn much from Chris. In fact, when the S&*T hit the fan in Kuwait, and the 1st deployed to Saudi, I deployed as the Wing Sup. By then Chris had moved up to the “puzzle palace” and our new Sup, was fresh to the job, less than a few months. BUT, Marylan Collie, (sorry if I misspelled his name) was my anchor back in the States. Along with Chris. And eventually J.P. The late and great SMSgt John Patti. Who was the Sup at the 48th FIS when I first arrived at Langley. Anyhow, he showed up as the AOR Sup. And man did we burn up the secure comms lines. Without these Hero’s, as a young TSgt, responsible for what turned out to be the largest Wing in Theater, (Two fighter squadrons, a MAC detachment, and for a little while, an Army “Dust-Off” unit, and of course we had to refit those awesome A-4 pilots from Kuwait.) Three of which flew their jets to Saudi in just their underwear. I don’t know, and don’t want to know how those strings got pulled. But, according to J.P., it was Chris’s doing. I’d have totally “crashed and burned”. But those HERO’s, especially Chris, with all of the common sense and don’t be scared to make a decision, even if those above disagree. When you are the one in charge do what you have to.
      Now, after all these years, I can’t help but look back on all the really good times. Like when Chris and I put together the first actual “hands-on” survival training program at Langley. Boy it didn’t take long to figure out (and I mean no disrespect) that pilots really couldn’t do land navigation with only a map and compass. Or the day he and I showed up at the NCO Club, fresh out of our training area, in BDU’s and all camoed up, soaking wet. BOY! The looks we got. Especially from the Senior’s and Chiefs.
      Of course they too had one of the BEST mentors in the career field CMSgt John (THE SENATOR) Shields.
      Chris is now resting in the best company that I could imagine. God Bless Chris!

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